2017 Unilock New Products


Unilock has designed several exciting new products for 2017 including the Arcana, Mattoni, Premier 24x24, Soreno, and Tribeca Cobble Pavers.  Also, new for 2017 is Unilock's Cumberland Wall - this wall has the beautiful appearance of natural stone and is available in 3 different color blends.  Please see below for more details about Unilock's new products    

  1. Mattoni Paver

The Mattoni paver reinterprets classic Roman brick with a modern spin. Available in a palette of deep, natural colors, the slim format is ideal for curved garden paths, authentic country gardens and classic herringbone patterns.

  2. Arcana Paver

Granite, quartz and marble are exposed in the fine blasted surface of these large format slabs to deliver brilliant color and a non-slip surface. The silky, matte appearance of Arcana is further enhanced with EasyClean Stain Resistance for easier cleanup of spills.

  3. Soreno Paver

The sleek, modern look and fine stone structure of Soreno paving slabs are on trend with today’s designs. Available in a variety of large format shapes, Soreno also offers EasyClean Stain Resistance

  4. Tribeca Cobble Paver

Unilock’s new Tribeca Cobble pavers have the look of the beautiful imported granite cobble stones used in North America’s streets for centuries. A natural cobble appearance, dimensional accuracy, along with an EnduraColor Plus finish, makes Tribeca an excellent choice for your project.

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